Parent Engagement

FASTalk connects the key adults in a student’s life--parents and teachers--by promoting regular two-way communication about classroom learning in a way that is easy, accessible, and impactful on student achievement. Learn more:

Homework Assistance

Please contact your RSL school or you may also visit:

Student Fee Policy

This document provides the guidelines for RSL student Fees.

Parent-Student Handbook

This document will prepare you for any issues that might arise throughout the school year, ranging from how to support your child to understanding school rules.

Enrollment & Transportation Information

RSL is part of the EnrollBR Common Application available online at

Bullying & Cyberbullying

RSL takes pride in embracing individuality. We have a no tolerance policy regarding bullying, cyberbullying, intimidating, threatening, harassing, hazing, name-calling and taunting.

Internet Safety

In an effort to provide students the resources accessible through a computerized information resource such as the Internet, RSL believes it is necessary for all persons to become aware of acceptable uses of technology.

Custodian of Records

Please contact
Ashley Eason at 225-348-7823

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